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Nutritional Cleansing

Dr. Jerry’s Chiropractic Nutrition Center

Get better and faster results with nutritional therapy

The chiropractic nutrition center is an important part of Dr. Jerry’s practice. In order for chiropractic treatment to be as effective as possible, the patient should participate not only in the physical aspects of treatment, but in nutritional therapy as well. Chiropractic nutrition will present better and faster results as well as decrease the need for future chiropractic visits.

Why is receiving nutritional therapy at the chiropractic nutrition center so important?

Receiving nutritional therapy at the chiropractic nutrition center is important because our bones, cartilage and connective tissue in ligaments and tendons are metabolically active. When we do not have proper nutrition, our bones can become brittle and lose mass, the cartilage disks between our vertebrae can degenerate, and our ligaments and tendons can lose flexibility. Any of these results of improper nutrition can cause our spine to lose its structural integrity, causing pain.

What can the chiropractic nutrition center do for me?

The chiropractic nutrition center will evaluate your current nutrition level to create a custom nutritional therapy plan for you. This will include determining whether you have a food allergy, a deficiency of nutrients, or misalignment of the spine inhibiting nutrition.

Creating a nutritional therapy plan by identifying the voids in an individual’s diet as well as any biochemical imbalances is a complicated task that the chiropractic nutrition center will cover. Long lists of essential and non-essential nutrients, the varying potency levels of nutrients, and cost of nutritional requirements will be calculated into your customized nutritional therapy plan.

Dr. Jerry feels that there are three reasons for biochemical imbalances in the body, which produce disease and a need for medications. These include 1) nutritional deficiencies, 2) food allergies and sensitivities, and 3) toxic overload. The chiropractic nutrition center will identify what your particular biochemical imbalances are, resulting in a nutritional therapy plan that is as unique as you are.

When should I visit the chiropractic nutrition center?

Proper nutrition should begin in utero, so it is never too early to visit the chiropractic nutrition center!

Correct nutritional intake is vital to healing and maintenance of health. If you begin to experience body pains, seeking out nutritional therapy should be the first step in your healing process. Improper nutrition will cause a delay in healing response, and healing will not be optimal.

Dr. Jerry’s chiropractic nutrition center will work with current chiropractic patients as well as those looking only for nutritional therapy. If you are interested in visiting Dr. Jerry’s chiropractic nutrition center in NYC, please call the office at 1-800-789-BACK to schedule a nutritional therapy appointment.

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