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Neurological Testing

Chiropractic Neurology: Neurological Examination Tests in NYC

Why do we need chiropractic neurology? “The nervous system controls and coordinates the function of every system, organ and tissue in the body” – Gray’s Anatomy

What is chiropractic neurology?

Chiropractic neurology is a specialized holistic treatment that only approximately 600 chiropractors worldwide are certified to practice. Through neurological testing and chiropractic treatments, it can help improve brain functions, enhance sleeping patterns and energy levels, boost immune systems, and support joint and muscle movement.

Neurological testing is an important part of Dr. Jerry Greenberg’s chiropractic neurology practice, as he is one of the only chiropractors in NYC who can perform neurological examination tests in order to find a natural cure for problems in the nervous system.

What do I need to know about chiropractic neurology?

Dr. Jerry Greenberg’s neurological testing is an evaluation with attention focused specifically on the brain and spine. Whether it’s digesting the eggs you ate for breakfast or snapping your fingers, the nervous system sends electrical messages through the entire body to accomplish these tasks. When nerves get pinched we develop problems and disorders with this delicate communication system. Chiropractic neurology treatments will help correct these pinched nerves.

To understand chiropractic neurology, we must understand the nervous system. Think of nerves as electrical wires. The copper inside is the live nerve cell, called the axon. The outer covering is a triglyceride material called myelin. When pressure is placed on the nerve it can kill the axon, which will adversely affect nerve conduction or send painful electrical messages. This can also be the cause of back and neck pain. Our neurological examination tests will identify the source of that pain and will help determine what neurology treatments to use.

Chiropractic neurology treatment does not stop at identifying pinched nerves. Our neurological examination tests will detect chemical imbalances as well, which can adversely affect the outer myelin coating of nerves and can result in a disease like Multiple Sclerosis. This will also have a profound effect on the electrical message.

What do neurological examination tests consist of?

Our neurological examination tests include a nerve conduction study and EMG. The results of the neurological testing can pinpoint the exact spinal level of nerve impingement so the chiropractic treatments will be focused and exact. These may include nutritional therapy; visual, auditory or verbal stimulations; cognitive therapies; and balance and flexibility therapies.

We apply our therapies to specific neurological deficits, treating the brain and nervous system as a whole rather than just masking a symptom. The brain uses the spinal cord as a system of communication, and when you ensure that the brain and its communicating pathways are healthy, the rest of the body is healthy.

What are the next steps in chiropractic neurology?

Once your neurological examination tests are complete, Dr. Jerry’s chiropractic treatments involve a variety of diagnostic imaging procedures, traditional spinal adjustments, and many rehabilitative exercises that you can practice on your own. These may include nutritional therapy; visual, auditory or verbal stimulations; cognitive therapies; and balance and flexibility therapies.

If you are interested in Dr. Jerry Greenberg’s chiropractic neurology treatment, please call the office at (212) 563 2966 to schedule a neurological examination test.

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