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Muscle Release Therapy

Why get Dr. Jerry Greenberg’s chiropractic treatment of muscle release technique?

Dr. Jerry Greenberg’s muscle release technique is a chiropractic treatment that provides immediate pain relief for tight and sore muscles while serving as a long-term and holistic healing therapy.

Due to overuse, muscle imbalances, certain medical conditions and everyday life, our muscle fibers, which normally run parallel to one another, may begin to intertwine, shorten and stiffen. This condition is called fibrosis, and decreases blood circulation, creating knotting sensations that can hinder our flexibility and cause significant pain.

Dr. Jerry Greenberg’s chiropractic treatment of muscle release technique will:

  • Break up tight muscle bands
  • Increase flexibility
  • Remove scar tissue and adhesions
  • Decrease pain
  • Ease muscle spasms

Who can get muscle release technique treatment?

If you are constantly experiencing pain in any area of your muscles you could be a candidate for Dr. Jerry’s muscle release technique treatment. This type of chiropractic treatment is especially helpful for people with muscle conditions like fibromyalgia, carpal tunnel syndrome, and shoulder, neck and back pain.

Athletes benefit immensely from muscle release technique. So does anyone who is constantly in physical movement. Patients will often notice a decrease in pain and increase in flexibility and strength within seconds following the treatment.

How does Dr. Jerry Greenberg’s muscle release technique treatment work?

Muscle release technique is an interactive process between Dr. Jerry Greenberg and patient which can essentially be described as a rhythmic stretching session. This chiropractic treatment involves an examination of the problematic muscles followed by precise massage, compression, and friction and stretching techniques to release and lengthen the problem area. After working through tight and stiff muscles with muscle release technique treatment, the patient should immediately feel relief.

Muscles play a fundamental role in stabilizing and moving the joints of the body. This is why muscle problems are nearly always involved with joint dysfunction and can benefit from chiropractic treatment. Muscle release technique has been developed over the centuries and has been recognized as an extremely effective and holistic treatment.

If you are interested in Dr. Jerry Greenberg’s muscle release technique treatment, please call the office at (212) 563 2966 to schedule an appointment.

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